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Jorge Aguilar, "El Ranchero"

Born in the estate of bulls of Piedras Negras, Tlaxcala, the April 29, 1929.
In livestock learned the tasks of enticing since age 7 and continued so until his death on January 27, 1981 when he was fighting a calf in the corral for livestock Coaxamalucan.
It was in March 1945 when "El Ranchero" dressed lights for the first time to act in Tehuacan, Puebla, and did so quite successfully. He took the alternative in the Monumental Plaza Mexico, the first of June 1947 with steers of La Laguna, alternating with Nacho Perez "The Pampered" and Joselillo, cutting off the ears of the bull which closed square.
His nickname was earned charro bullfighting cape and hat used as an emblem of Tlaxcala who is fondly remembered every evening there run into the street that bears his name.

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